Monday, March 9, 2009

Nezha (KAMI)

I'll spare you guys the bg story..But you can always google it up or Wiki

Plans to go back to my KAMI project. Got lotsa palnnin and writing to do..I really wanna flesh out more stuff but not until i figure out a direction. Here's a draft of a character. Im not happy with this version at all.. he was known for killing a dragon(happens to be a god i think) and used the spine as a whip..wanted to play around with that. Quite violent if ya ask me..but oh well.. gotta work out more environments aswell, the world.


Em said...

the backstory of the character sounds interesting man, especially the whip part!

Em said...

OooOooyee oyee oyea oyeaaaa c'mon and gimme water dessseerrrrt~

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Yea.. i dont know much myself, just reading of the internet. lol..

Please..i dont want that song stuck in my head again~ Noooo!!!

gary/jamga said...

hey dude, long time no see!
this one is very good!!
kickass for sure!!
keep it up the great work
take care