Monday, March 9, 2009

Gokulo after Emerson

Im sorry Em, i cant help it..i really cant.. lol.
Check out the original piece that started it all lol!
Here Did it before bed last night.


Jose Cua said...

hahah, if your startin a gokulo fanclub i'm totally in!!! Almost choked on a pretzel when looking at his sketch last night. Em is a pioneer, a renaissance man. Monuments will be erected in his honor

Em said...


I think I love you. lol.

Jose- Wow. Monuments. I'll love that. With idealized supersaiyan hair on myself of course.

Angeline said...

This is awesomely rendered.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Jose - Screw the recession man. With Em around its a new beginning for aspiring artists like us. Long live Zeo X!!!

Em - LOL..hope you like it man.. I just ran with this. Erm no thanks..u can go love your gf. I can imagine that hair on you.. but i think it'll be really interesting to see jose have that

Angeline - I always cant recall who is Angeline can i just call you F'ng or Lockjaw? Angeline sounds to angel-ish for you >< lol just kidding.. awesomely rendered? Thats was sacarstic rite? ^^

gary/jamga said...

haha very funny =)

Angeline said...

F'ng or Lockjaw or Gure is fine. I don't blame you. I never used that name in college D:

Nono not sarcastic at all XD. It really is awesome