Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Space Fighter

Heya folks! Been busy...(my usual excuse) Lol.. been thinking about updating but just could not find the time and i've not been painting for my own leisure at all. So here are some personal works done a few months ago. I just miss playing those top scrolling aeroplane/fighter games. I mean..what on earth happened to them? The game industry is just over saturated with RPGs,FPS, Drive Simulations etc etc.. all the confusing espionage, over realistic driving experience and often long winded RPGs. Games no longer sell gameplays, they sell hardcore graphics and lame stories. Im no hardcore gamer to be complainin but i do appreciate it when peeps come up with Loco Roco, Patapon, Odin Sphere. I mean c'mon just because you can go 3D you no longer use 2D? Thats just wrong man.. Anyways, enough of rants and here are some sprites for my own fighter game (if it ever happens :D).

Oh btw, i'll be at AFA this weekend with Storm Lion so if anyone is interested, do drop by to say hi and buy a poster from me :D (shameless meeee)

And here's a compilation from 3Dtotal for the Vehicle Painting tutorials i did with Dwayne so do check that out over at 3dtotal

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

::>>Mech//Tech Musical Inpirations<<::

So for those who are interested, these are my inspirations for Mechas and Techs :D
Wipeout Anyone? lol, enjoy guys!