Sunday, March 22, 2009

COW Titan

COW on . Not Quite done yet i suppose and I isToo lazy/sleepy to write anything.
Nah! Copy paste from Lalalaala
CNN Breaking News: Life Found on Titan!
CNN Space Correspondant Miles O'Brien reported this afternoon that scientists at NASA have confirmed evidence of life in the oceans under the icy crust of Saturn's moon Titan. Long believed one of the more plausible places in the Solar System where extraterrestrial life could exist, Titan posesses a unique combination of geothermic and gravitational tidal forces that keep the subterrainian ocean liquid and warm. NASA's probe first detected movement under the ice last week, but it has taken NASA 96 hours of continuous surveillance of the moon's surface to confirm that life is present. Although it is impossible at this point to see exactly what the creature looks like, it is in fact much larger than originally thought possible, measuring over 20 feet in length. Based on the movement, it appears to be limbed and capable of swimming

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