Friday, March 20, 2009

DW IV Thumbs

Fickle minded me...this year i've not yet decided where to represent. I dont know why is it so difficult for me.. Ergh.. I think im gonna go for Cyborg this year.. I just wanna have fun doing it. Any crits? i think DW Character 7 is just a stupid design..just sucky..yucks!


geeshin said...

I too, have started DWIV. I post on my blog as well, if you want to check it out.

For the thumbs:
I would say... use number 2 with the arms from number 3 and maybe one arm from number 1. or have #1's arm be a separate weapon that is not attached to him? kind of get where i'm going? haha great stuff! i enjoy looking at your artwork, it gives good inspiration. i'll be sure to check back when you update.

Kevin CK Ng said...

d 1st n 3rd looks cool!

Em said...

DUDE!! You're getting way ahead of me in DW! Bah... i need to learn from you how to dish out things like these quickly. I love no.1 and the tentacled one.. which is.. uh.. no.6!

Jarold Sng said...

ho sheet, im liking all of em. especially the tenticle one. you gonna do any 3d for this?

Tham Hoi Mun said...

geeshin - Hi there, comrade! lol.. i get what you mean on my entries. Will look into them thanks :D

Kevin - Hi there, 1st and 3rd? Cool. Many like 1st though lol.

Em - Dood! keep painting man lol!! 1 and 6 ay? hmmm.. lets see what i can do with em... Abomination? XD

Jarold - Hey,..3D? nah..i suck at just working them out in 2D