Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lady Petals

Lady Petals was a small little flower shop i use to drop by every school holiday. My auntie owns the shop and there she taught me how to sculpt(paper clay) . The shop did not last long though...maybe flowers were no longer appreciated. People just seem to forget the goodness it brings..all they ever say to themselves are " flowers dont last".Soon people find replacements for it, ipods, psp, jewellry etc etc.. but people just dont understand. How can an ipod replace something that is so beautiful and priceless? Nature gave us flowers to remind us that there's always beauty in this world. Flowers put colors in this world. Flowers teaches us what good scent is. All to show and express happiness and joy.. Dont get me wrong, im no expert in flowers in fact i know nothing about them but it just saddens me how humans take things for granted. I cant recall exactly but there's a great saying that says something along the lines of

"Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."
-American Indian Proverb

Oh well..LOL..what a weird entry huh? lol Everyone seems to be doing some illustrator assignment and i got all curious so i just whipped this out. I did it in Alchemy though lol but it sure is fun.Limkis inspired of course!! LimKis
Not sure the one with the white bg or the black bg looks better, so i'll just post em both. Nights people! XD

Now that i look ai it again, they look like soe tissue box design -__- I can imagine a giant premier or scottex word on it..bugger...argh my spine is killing bai!


Em said...

lol. tissuebox XD but yeah, i like the white bg. the black adds a bit of omnious (sp?) feeling to the piece. and yes, flowers are nice :3 i still give flowers to my girlfriend.. but then again.. my parents own a flower shop >_>;; but i'll prolly still buy her flowers even if they didn't! i'm sure.. XD

i was surprised when my girlfriend sent me flowers this valentine's too @__@ the internet really is amazing.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Hahaha..yea i agree.

LOL.. i feel so happy for you guys. I really do XD...Hooray to flowers!

Hammy said...

White one nicer. :) Sorry to hear the shop didn't last, flowers are beautiful indeed, but most of the time I would think I wouldn't be buying it unless on special occasions like Mother's day, Teacher's day... Here in SF people do seem to buy flowers a lot I think, because of the amount of flower shops I see everywhere.

Sad, but beautiful entry. ^^

Jose Cua said...

hahah i'm sure Limkis would be happy to see this. since looking at the thumb I instantly thought of Limkis. Something about the use of saturated colors on some areas that make it feel like a burn or glow. good stuff, I'd tone down the chin a little bit and accentuate the lips, but its just a matter of taste in the end actually.