Sunday, March 29, 2009

Never give up. Nick Vujicic's testimony

Watch this especially if you feel down. Saw it over at imaginism studio's blog.


Hoyi said...

Nice sharing dude~!
Love it...Dont give up..ops..
Shld say as...Never give up~!

Teh-O said...

this sharing is awesome! Thanks for sharing it. When we fall down, gotta learn to stand up again and keep walking...

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Hoyi - Lol..glad you could get something out of it :D

Teh-O - Oh hello, im sorry icant remember your name~ But i know who you are lol.Thanks for dropping by XD
Glad you like the vid too.

├łowynu said...

This video had me to tears. I truly admire his strength, courage and wisdom. He must have been through alot, and yet there he is, living what most people complain about everyday.

Truly an inspiration and someone to admire to the fullest.

People that complain about tiny things, should be thinking that there are people with real problems out there.