Friday, March 6, 2009

3D Total Animal Warrior Challenge - Doggy

Well im not sure how many people have seen this but here it is anyways. I did this Speedy for the 2D Animal Warrior Challenge a while ago. Cliche idea but wth... just for fun ^^ Been busy for a while but only recently things are slowing down real badly. The entertainment industry is starting to feel the pinch right now. (more of a beating actually) . Money not circulating therefore jobs are all dead, projects have been on hold and im guessing this is not the worst yet. Unemployment is getting worse by the hour and stock price plunges. This is crazy.. Some say that it'll end this year, well i for one really hope so. Even by then who knows what has happened.

At times i wonder how we "the entertainment fellows" would do when entertainment dies? What would i do? What else can i do to make a living? What am i good for? Well i know thinking about stuff like that wont help or change anything but yea..think about it? What would you do when entertainment dies off? Hmm..well let's just pray for a better day. Goodnights~


ben said...

Wow! it's really a hard time now, I'm not sure when it'll end but some say there would be the next econ crisis... Ofcouse i wish it'll recover soon.. The fact is every country, even America is under a serious debit situation. & look back to our country, Malaysia, the government still/only fighting for their own good, in order to concrete their own party status.. are they care abt us?

I think as the 'entertainment fellows', I shall continue entertaining the audience, I have been thinking if Im into a war should i continue animating or fight like a soldier? Then i decided to continue animating, to create joy as to entertain the audience, the soldier, the general, the victims, whoever he is.. same goes to this econ crisis~
ofcouse i've to save some money in order to continue animating....

btw, ur dog warrior & its' costume remind me of kung fu panda.. hahha

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Ben - LOL..the goverment over here is just a practical joke. Speechless.

Well economy bad or good, i'll do what i have to do.. Just gotta believe in it!