Friday, March 13, 2009

General Arath

This was supposedly done for the Dominance War mini "General Portraits", but i was too late. Oh well..just aint my luck. Not sure why i gave him the purple-pink-ish face. Guess i was sick of painting regular human tones and thus giving him a nose red-er than rudolf..(yea the raindeer)

That hair style looks so cute on him right? and those braids too lols.. DomWar is just around the corner people!! Who's joining? TO WAR!!!


ben said...

I know why he's pinkish face, coz he is GUAN YI GOR~!!

Angeline said...

Looks good! The purple/pink face actually suits him alot. Hes all angry and rage like. Plus it stands out with the greens of his armor.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Ben: Lol..Omg. China will come after me if i name him that!

F'ng: LOL looks like a drunk monkey if ya ask me ;P...Green? I did not paint any green..its just red on grey. Optical illusion~ XD