Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DW Mech

Colors gone wrong? Ermm..maybe you should check your eyes.. XD..Just for fun.


carsonyim said...

man, bugs and mecha armor? I just jizzed.

Aik Sern said...

its just impressive !!! i like the one with the long sword!!! great design.

Jose Cua said...

too cool man! I can imagine this guy movin already. the way he moves hahah "in my imagination" reminds me of one of those two bad guys in an onimusha 3 cinematic, those spear dudes before he fights the boss but way cooler ofcourse :)

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Carson - Ewww.. XD

Asn - Lol thanks..the sword looks rather simple though..hmmm

Jose - Oh yea yea, you mean those doglike guys? yea those are awesome. Whers your entry dude?? time to kick some ass man.