Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wepons Final

Im currently working on the final beauty pose for Grawnn, so until thats done here are more of the weapons. If you guys aren't sick of it yet :D. Painted over this but am not happy with the layout at all. Ergh! But no more time for this. I have to finish by final piece and thank god for the extentsion. :D

For the final illustration, im trying to push for this 80s-early 90s heavy metal comic style. Sorta like the Grindhouse of comics lol. Artists like Simon Bisley and etc...Hardcore Gritty kickass Sh!T

Note: not done painting Grawnn yet, even the contrast and lighthing are not settled. Bah!


Just watched it with my bro and gosh. Jaw Dropping..*Spoiler ahead
-Romulans were BAD!! ASS!!! Visual quality is by far most epic (of course not compared to 2001)
-Storyline was 7/10 for me but treatment is top notch! Most importantly, i think there's heart in it.
-The most flare/lens flare/bokeh i have ever seen in one film and done very stylishly. Love it!
- CG was of course top notch aswell (ILM, so ...yea)
- San Fran got drilled by the Romulans..why not KL? lol (ILM says "ah,..we can just get the principal photography outside of our office. We can see Golden Gate very well from here.)
-Music lived up to the epic-ness and still had a very classic thing going.

All of all 6and a half to 7 out of 10 for me. Thats pretty damn high, 2001 Space Odyssey to me is 9/10. So for a typical Hollywood film, thats pretty high :D. I think it's gonna be my fav film of the year... what? transformers? lol, i dont know man...more robots, not sure if its a good thing, but i'll give Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci a chance since Star Trek was good? Hmmm.. Terminator? Hope the story has some heart in it. Only film to look forward to now is James Cameron's AVATAR..
I feel so geeky. Such a sad thing that Star Trek seems so dead around here. No publisity whatsoever. Everyone is focusing on Wolverine.. gee c'mon! I mean, a guy with a funny hairdo running around with his claws that could cut through a helicopter's propeller? Just does not work for me man... sorry. Ooppss.. blabbered too much.


Hoyi said...

walaoye~ well done so far man~
ya...7days more to go~~ XDXDXD

underfoot said...

That right arm weapon -- hot damn! You really went to town on this.

Angeline said...

Woah those weapons look really cool!

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Hoyi - Lol..good luck there man!

Paul - Lol, thanks..your concept is reaaallly cookin man! Why are vigil's emails not workin? You keep rawkin there dood.

Angel - Lol thanky thanky.. well again i hate the layout... *puts a pumpkin on your head.

Em said...

lol dude..i've never been a star trek fan, but i think the movie just made me one. lol. it was epic awesome and i wanna watch it agaiininn!!!

aww come on dude, we know everyone watch transformers not for the lousy story, lousy acting by even lousier actors.. but for the robots.. for me it's just an hour plus of watching sexy robots all over the big screeen.. owhhh yeah...

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Em- too..i guess its just not so much of a star trek thing for us M'sians but its definitely not our dads star trek.

Lol, aww..dont be so harsh on M. but i agree XD

ShiYao said...

very nice weapons~lolx

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

nice man~! big fat heavy metal grawnnnnnn

i hope terminator could be a dark movie, :D