Friday, May 15, 2009

Vulture Griffin Concept.

Creature practice.. It's time to stop drawing creatures and mechs..time to do some environment. Procrastinator me.. Dominance War is about to end soon @.@

And Thanks! Roy. Thank you for the feature, nicely done. :D Link

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Hammy said...

Love the idea of a vulture Griffin, but.. being as idiotic as I am about animals, I do think there's a bit of an anatomy problem with this one. ^^; I think the overall can be a little more elegant. Right now the posing looks a bit rigid, probably from the legs, but I think the rest looks fine. Good references for four legged creature standing pose would be those Dog posters you see in Pet shops or Vets, you know... the type that stands very 'pridefully' ? Haha.

Sorry, just my 2 cents, love your drawings as always. :D And I am just a dork with animals and creatures. Keep it up though!!