Friday, May 15, 2009

Loco Katamari

@.@ Been wanting to do this for a Noi!! Noiiiii!!!! Which music track plays in your mind? XD

AARRGGHH!!! i missed out one loco roco!


Angeline said...

Hahaha this is awesome. Two of my favourite games XD.

The yellow one should be a big fat one(the one that has eaten 20 flowers) instead of a single one simply because its so big compared to the others.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Haha... i prolly would have not came across both of em if it wasn't for Carlyn ^^..

2 of the happiest games i ever played lol! yea i should have made the yellow one fat...20 flowers.

*Lonely rolling star playing on the background

Angeline said...

Seriously those 2 games have the best OSTs for random happiness.

Loco roco's dadhi dado da and the muimui house song is awesome. The current favorite katamari song in the house hold is the King of King's song