Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sketches 13thMAY2009

Bunch of sketches i did on and off here and there. The middle piece was pure experimental and pure influence from one of my fav artists of all time Mr. Rakgadjet and also works that are from the manga/anime style side of mua.. ><. Last piece was just some insect/crustacean creature practice.


Schin said...

Man.. everytime I visit your blog.. you keep powering up like crazy. Must learn your secrets for such crazy improvements lah..

Newton Ewell said...

Pleased to meet you - my name is Newton Ewell. Rakgadget's work is da bomb! I'm glad to meet another person who admires his work.

Your work is phenomenal! I'm really impressed with what I see here, and there's always something new to check out with every visit. Thanks to you, I downloaded Alchemy, and I'm really glad I did. Thanks for being so talented, and for sharing the wealth with the rest of us!

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Luci - Lol..what la.. share with me your secrets too then..i promise i wont tell others ;P

Newton - Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Yea rakgadjet rawks.. Glad you like what i shared too..cheers