Friday, January 23, 2009

Year of the OX

HAPPY CHINESE NU YEAR FOLKS! Especially to all us COWS!! We're getting old i know hahah. But let us all hope and wish for a good year (yea recessionary..) BAH! Be positive + !! this year i turn 24....hmmm.... what have i been doing for the past 24 years?? hmmm..~ lol


Hammy said...

Happy 2nd cycle of the 12th year to you too! "NU"mioh!

Love the Minotaur a lot that's for sure. Color this color this! :D

Ben Lam said...

yo~ happy chinese new year~!!
24 years old huh... hahah don't feel like Im 24 years old..!omg..! people say I look like 19 years old..

carsonyim said...

happy niu yer to u lo, I'm tiger I eat your kind! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

enjoy ur CNY~

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Hammy - too.. All the best to us all this year ya :D

Ben - LOL..happy lor ppl say you look like 19. ;P Ya Happy CNY to you too..

Carson - Hellow... Happy CNY to you to man! Tiger? I thought you're monkey leh ><