Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photoshop Custom Brush Experiments

This is unbelievable!! Only moments ago i learned how to make custom brushes in Photoshop! Yeap im stone age...Made a few brushes with Alchemy aswell and they work great!! So i had lotsa fun doing this speedy creatures with my brand new set of brushes!! Way too cool! Gotta thank Jose for this :D


Moai said...

Awesome thumbs! Welcome to modern times!

Jose Cua said...

those are mighty fine sketches you have there friend :) !!

carsonyim said...

OYEA MAN! Jose taught me that too, sick ass sheet ; makes me wanna custom some stuffs later!! Tight stuff !!

Ben Lam said...

Looks really cool~! seems like there's alot possibilities have made to draw various design..!
How's the exact brush looks like?? curious~

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Moai - LOL..back to the future~

Jose - Thanks for the tutorials man..awesum stuff..

Carson - Hey u have a blog.. Thanks for dropping by man! link!!

Ben - opens up a whole new part of Photoshop for me..its crazy lol! I'll post some of the brushes i made later :D