Friday, October 23, 2009

Taking off to a new horizon (not too far away)

So i'll be leaving my country for my new job at Storm Lion on the 26th of Oct in the lovely land of Singapore. Still packing, still finishing off some work and still feeling drowsy. Nevertheless im very excited about the whole thing, working in a new environment and making new friends. Just thinking about working with Zid, Puppeteer, Skan, Julian (Lefty), Edmund & Friends is already a gift by itself.

This would prolly be my last post from M'sia and it might be a while before you guys hear from me again so before i leave i would obviously like to thank PR for the wonderful experience. Thank you all at PR from the earliest members to the latest. My hats off to you guys and best of luck in everything.

Learned a hell lot of stuff within these 3 years i seriously feel the age factor kicking in ><. To everyone reading this, i hope things has been working out for everyone (i know it has been a tough year) so keep believing and keep working on your goals and dreams. Be patient be mindful.

Happy Halloween Folks!!
Cheers!! *Moving on to a new chapter.... . .

Here are some songs i've been listening to lately. Hope you guys digg.


Ben Lam said...

man it's really AWESOME by knowing u'r taking the jet u drew to Singapore.. =.= COOOOOOOL~
btw, Glad u r going to work in Singapore~~ leaving Malaysia finally huh.. continue achieve the greatness man~ hope im be able to meet u up after i got back to Malaysia lar this end of year...~
Wake up by Arcade fire is one of the song im listening lately too..
do check out the movie soundtrack, it's good. & the movie is great too!

Bernoully said...

Wow, that's great news dude! Looks like you paved a new path for yourself there. :D

Keep it up, and hope to hear more from you!

Jarold Sng said...

Hey man, hope everything is good over there, damn you get to work with puppeteer? that's really cool, hope we can still keep in touch!


Tham Hoi Mun said...

Ben - Thanks man.. see you when you're back la. Yea awesome songs..Have not watched the film yet ergh..just watched Basterds yesterday.

Bernoully - Keep in touch bro and kepp pumping those works out! :D

Jar - Thanks ma man,lol yea he's there too, do keep in touch man. More sculpts!! :D

Hammy said...

Awesome to hear you will be leaving for Singapore! :) That's a great step too and all. I believe right now you are either packing up now or already there. Haha.

Will you still be in Singapore between December to January? I might be able to go to Singapore if my time table allows as well as to visit another friend there at Lucasfilm.