Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Discovery Science

Here's a project i worked on a few months ago with Atomic Art for Discovery Channel.
It's a series of shorts for Discovery science and i designed the 2 robots you see in the clips.
Deffinitely a fun project to work on and Thanks Justin!

Been busy again lately. Updates soon! :D


Ana said...

hey if I watch discovery science here will i be able to see those? Always wanted to see something cool on tv and be able to say "hey, I know the guy who made that!" haha.

the robot thingies are very cute. they remind me of wall-e in a way. or maybe I think all robots look like wall-e. hehe. good job btw!

Ben Lam said...

man, it's so cool to see ur own design been built & screened~
with nice quality =)

Angeline said...

Oh wow thats so awesome that your work is gonna appear on screen! Grats Hoimun!

Em said...

dood! these are awesommme!!! and they're so cute too. very wall-e like. :D

i love how they differ by curves and straight shapes.

Carlyn Lim said...

Triple thumbs up, great work Rez!! And grats too, mighty sweet to see them 'alive' :D

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Ana - Im not sure. Is it the same Discovery Science being broadcast else where? Yea they wanted it to have a wall-e characteristic.

Ben - Lol..definitely!! thanks!

Angeline - Goo re thanks thanks, i appreciate that a lot! I've not watched on tv yet though.

Em - Fanks Em! Well Atomic arts did most of everything that made the robots cute, i just design them. @__@

Cal - Apa yeww.. where did you get the third thumb? >_< Nice portraits btw.. You IMPROVED SO SO MUCH!! scarry..gotta catch up~

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

like Em said, a bit wall-e like if they are in white color, haha.

Good job man~! but sadly my astro was spoiled, must be screwed by some monkeys, sigh~

Jose Cua said...

Thats awesome man! Kickin butt as usual :)

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Darren - Lol you gotta be frenz with those monkeys ><

Jose - Im bringin my ass down to S'pore for you to kick bro! C ya.