Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hard Boiled Madness

Yes im from dinosaur age and im outdated but i only recently got my hands on Geof Darrow's Hard Boiled Graphic Novel. Apparently its not available in my "beloved" country because the comic is not about camels and pyramids.

But Check this out, Hard Boiled is an Ass kickin, Balls Smashing piece of work. With Geof Darrow as the cover/interior artist and Frank Miller as the writer.. you cant go wrong. Hard Boiled is filled with eye candy for those who enjoy pictures more than words and still have a creatively written story. Every page takes you at least 10 minutes to finish seeing the amount of detail Mr. Darrow puts in and the hardwares look so good like i could grab it off the page.

Bottom line, must read and i cant wait to get my hands on 'Shaolin Cowboy' and 'Big Guy & Rusty'
Back to work.

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