Saturday, September 5, 2009

Abondend ATV

I definitely dont get around doing Production Paintings enough. Gotta work on more environments as well. Wanted to do a jungle/rain forest piece after watching AVATAR's
teaser trailer again.

I must admit that i did not find it appealing at first but its starting to grow
on me now. Planet Pandora is simply wicked! Thing about Jim is that its never about the action
and the VFX, instead its always down to the characters and the heart in the story AND i believe
Avatar is gonna be great as a movie experience in the big screen...

Cant wait to visit Pandora baby XD.


ben said...

It did remind me of Avatar's trailer~ just that the texture of the vehicle doesn't really convinced me why it's located at the jungle. Maybe the dirt is not enough, or it could have some broken brunches & plants around the vehicle.. to tell the story more through the visual.. Nice work though~

Looking forward to Avatar too, it's funny to look at how ppl compare it with Delgo... but I believe James Cameron wouldn't let us down..

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Lol yea, still looks brand new huh? alrighty.

Delgo? what on earth is that? Yea i believe Avatar would be a great experience in the big screen.

ghassem farhany said...

awesome awesoooome.

i love the lighting on the vehicle

so coool