Friday, August 28, 2009

SciFi Sketch Moon Landing

Another one of the Old Skool Sci fi-ish series. A Quickie before bedtime @__@

Edit: just thought of pushing that photo look more. Prolly too much but its fun experimenting haha..Thanks Em. :D


Em said...

you even gave it the outerspace cam look. but being you, i guess that was expected. XD

anyway, i'm still in Malaysia, still working on the dragon piece whenever I'm at my girlfriend's place lol. The laptop at my house has no photoshop :(. Anyway,i will be going back on Merdeka day lol.

:( so sad.

Em said...

Lol. Yes I think you did when you first added me on facebook.. so did angeline, and rowan.. and miaow >_>

makes me really curious who this friend is since everyone is telling me that.

anyway, i like the edit. it really does look more close to an actual space photo. Nice nice.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Lol.. sorry i cant quite remember coz i think i told someone else. Cal i think. Anyways thanks for the comments and hopefully you could get back to ur PC at SF and start pumping crazy paitings out man :D.

ben said...

love old skool stuff always~ somehow remind me of district 9... =)

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Love the white hamburger on legs, just joking.

Love the second one with the cam effects, makes it so much more real :)

Haruto said...

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