Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dragon Heads

Here's a bunch of Dragon Heads i did a while ago together with The Dragon Rider pieces. As usual i come up with silly names for em but WTH. Would like to draw the rest of the dragon of these heads, any preference?


Moai said...

Very cool designs, man. I like all the subtle differences between them. The feathers on the Scottish Vulture Head were a nice touch.
Honestly, I'd be happy to see you develop any one of these further.:)

ghassem farhany said...

cool az hell man.

really lovely.i like the second one on first raw(slythenion)

l just can stop imaging it alive

keep posting man

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Moai - Yea subtle changes coz they might have came from the same ancestores but branched of in evolution due to different climates. *Shrugs, i dont know much about animals really :D

Ghassem - Lol thanks dude, i might just do Slythenion next :D. Thanks for dropping by man.

Em said...

i love the thought you put into the different species and which region they are in. need to start thinking like you. lol

my fav is definitely the kodoro wyrm, but that's because i'm a sucker for the wide jawed dragon types.