Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Skool Sci Fi

Old skool Sci Fi stuff... all that 2001 i've been watching. I always thought that lots of sci fi today tend to deviate from realism.What happened to those NASA looking rockets? It became sorta like what i would call Fantasy Sci Fi coz they just turn more fantastical rather than science based. It's like fantasy in space. Anyways, enough of blabering.. just wanted to play with some classic sci fi and John Berkey kinda stuff. Just simple sketches no ref (apart from watching 2001) Was also hooked on by Sparth's stuff too.

TF2? Tsk tsk tsk..


Jake said...

Didn't know you had a blog until now. Cool stuff! I like this direction.

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Yeah!!! Love the rendering on Pod 9, it looks so believable,the contrast and lighting. Also love the retro look of Lunar station!!!

Like you said pity there aren't anymore true Sci Fi films like 2001 or Abyss, most of them are fantasy based environment or so far in the future where technologically anything is possible and hard to relate to what we have now.

I'd pay for a true Sci Fi film where the technology plays an equal role in the story as the characters, where we could actually build it and achieve something from it.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Jake - Lol now you know. Thanks for dropping by.

TJ - Lol..yea that be my fav one too. Sci fi these days..sigh..tsk tsk. Have you heard of a film called "Moon"? That one looks rather interesting. I heard some dudes who worked on some old Alien films worked on this one. Here

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Just checked out the preview. Eee... have to see the official trailer to see what's it all about. They named the moon base Sarang?

Watched James Cameron's Abyss today, overall high drama and reasonable story except for the the ending part. Love the documentary. Love the sets and props too :)

I think The Sphere would be better.

Tham Hoi Mun said... lend me the Abyss once ur done. I've not watched in ages. The Sphere? a film?